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Jul 11 2017 - Good Bye, Vivian Carey
"How lucky we are to have someone that makes saying good bye so hard." - A. A. Milne
Late on July 11, while in the presence of members of her family at her home, our Lord welcomed Vivian Carey to her heavenly rest. She leaves behind a grieving family, church, community, and a lifetime legacy of service to the people of Pleasant Mount.
"We at PMES especially thank Vivian for the gift that is Pleasant Mount Emergency Services.
The vision you shared with the founding members helped bring it into existence.
The dedication you shared with the membership has helped it to grow and prosper.
The example you set will continue to be an inspiration for all of us for generations to come.
Good bye, Vivian. May you rest in peace."

 8/22/17 Starts Intro to Fire Service Mod 1 training
 9/3/17 Labor Day BBQ
 9/5/17 HazMat Awareness training
 9/7/17 Starts Fire Ground Support Mod 2 training
10/3/17 Starts HazMat Operations training
2/1/2018 Starts Exterior Firefighting Mod 3 training
3/8/2018 Starts Interior Firefighting Mod 4 training

Pleasant Mount Emergency Services is an all-volunteer organization providing fire fighting and ambulance services for the residents of Pleasant Mount, PA and surrounding areas.

PMES Contact Information

In emergencies dial 911
For routine calls: (570) 448-2963

Mailing Address:
Pleasant Mount Emergency Services
161 Great Bend Tpke
Pleasant Mount, PA 18453

All donations to Pleasant Mount Emergency Services are accepted by mailing donation to address above or securely through PayPal at link below.

Thank you for your support!


(As a PayPal listed Charity, when you donate through the PayPal Giving Fund here, 100% of your donation goes to this nonprofit.)

Please do NOT check the box "Make this an anonymous donation", or we won't be able to recognize and thank you.

PMES taking part in Logger Rescue Training Apr 2017:
PMES taking part in Logger Rescue Training

Smart911 - Are you prepared?

A free service - Provided by your community.
Private and secure - You control your information.
Saves time in an emergency - When seconds count.
Susquehanna County 911, under the direction of the Department of Public Safety, is proud to announce the release of the Smart911 program to our Emergency Responders. This program will give the residents of our county the ability to provide life-saving information to our Dispatchers which can be extremely beneficial in assisting both you, the caller, and all of our Emergency Services. Currently this additional information would not be readily available otherwise and can include information on children, pets, elderly family members, details unique to your residence, and other medically important information. All information is voluntary and provided by the resident and secured to 911 emergency calls only.
(More details on our News page.)

Be aware of the Steer Clear Law
The 'Steer Clear' law requires drivers to move over or slow down when they encounter an emergency scene, traffic stop or disabled vehicle.
(More details on our News page.)

PMES Volunteers responded to:
    97 Fire/Accident/Rescue Service calls in 2016!
    158 Ambulance Service calls in 2016!
Interested in how you can volunteer with PMES?
    Learn more here...

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